Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"I have a dream".. too.

I have a dream: that in the new earth we have reforested our planet to its emerald luminescence. That we can drink clean water out of our abundant waters and share it with all water life without infringing on their home. That we use all our knowledge mindfully while remaining open to new ideas, even if they sound crazy at first. That personal responsibility is a daily and nightly activity we share in, so that we get better at it; so that "blame" gets erased from all the dictionaries of all the written languages. Also words like "hate", "looser", all bigotry terms, all words that offend and injure our pure hearts and minds no matter who or what we look like, believe in or practice.

I have a dream that children will be acknowledged for their powerful honesty, direct joy, infinite capacity for experiencing anew everything. Therefore, children will be consulted for all important decisions.
Animals & humans alike will respect and love one another, cherish each other's distinctive faculties, respect each other's limits and the planet we all get to share.

I have a dream that we get to live abundant, healthy, compassionate and passionate physical and emotional lives, free of forced notions of right and wrong, respectful of the fact that what we don't know is not going to hurt us.

I have a dream: that dreams are the essence of our beings, and manifesting them our only true purpose and responsibility.

I have a dream that yours came true too.

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